are kn95 masks effective?

Kn95 is a filtering respirator mask, and it is manufactured and branded by the Chinese companies in China. The kn95 standards are similar to N95 and FFP2. This respirator face mask seizes 95% of small molecules, and scientifically, states that the particles should have a 0.3 micro. This is to say that kn95 masks are estimated to seize 95% of 0.3 tiny particles. This mask is of high- end quality material that is tender, comfortable, and safe. The cover material has three layers, and the hydrophilic inner layer absorbs any watery drop-let from inside.
In contrast, the middle layer material has filtering abilities, and the outer layer is a hydrophobic material that repels any water drop-let from outside—thus making it a three-ply mask. Many users of this respirator face mask do ask a fundamental question; are kn95 mask effective? These questions can be answered using the following review that distinguishes this mask from other types.A KN95 respirator mask is certified to offer protection against viral particles. During manufacturing, the manufacturer ensures that; it fits all trials that are conducted using a genuine human and its linkage ability less than 8%.
• The mask also undergoes a filtration test that shows its ability to capture salts molecules. The standard flow rate should be 85L/min.
• This mask is not surgical; thus, they are non-sterile. But have a protective ability to protect the wearer from breathing large and small drop-lets hence making the wearer safe.
• Kn95 face mask cannot protect one from dangerous fumes; hence it cannot be used to protect the mask wearer from toxic gases and inhaling hazardous airborne pollutants that why it not recommended for search tasks.
• For individuals who work in fire fighting industries or work underwater environments, this mask is not the best for use.
• Children cannot use a kn95 mask, and it’s only useful for adults. This because the KN95 respirator masks, available in the market, can cause a child to struggle when breathing, thus worsening the pre-existing condition in their respiratory organ.
• These mask designs vary and thus lack brand consistency, and this is because different batches come with different designs.
• Kn95 respirator mask has elastic straps that make it fit and cover the user’s nose and mouth thoroughly—thus protecting the user from breathing or inhaling air directly.
• This mask also allows the user to breathe well despite them manufactured with several protection layers.


Kn95 facemask, with its ability to protect the individual 95%, Is one of the best face masks that can control respiratory disease spread like COVID-19, protect asthmatic conditions, and other human diseases that can be airborne. When well fitted in the face, it straps keeps it intact and does not allow any airflow from the side. This respirator face mask protects individuals from airborne disease-causing organisms like viruses, smoke, and other small particles like dust. At such a time, when the world is facing the COVID-19 virus, the Kn95 respirator can offer a solution in helping humanity from the spread of the virus.

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