Why Is It Called KN95 Mask?

Why Is It Called KN95 Mask?

Masks are essential in our lives, especially at this time when we are fighting the ravaging diseases coronavirus. Excellent masks prevent you from getting infected by bacteria and other microbes that you come in contact with in your daily lives. One of the most effective masks that are recommended for use by health professionals across the world is the KN95 mask. Today this mask is used by many people across the globe to help them prevent getting infected by the coronavirus. Let’s have a look at what type of mask is this.

What is a KN95 mask?

A KN95 mask is a special mask that was originally designed to be used by health professionals while working in the hospital or any other facility. This is because while at their places of job, the health workers tend to attend to various patients who have various conditions. The masks are designed to protect them from getting infections caused by viruses and bacteria that are present in the wards that the health workers visit. The mask is manufactured to help you prevent microbes from without compromising your breathing.

Why is it named KN95?

The “K’’ is a letter that signifies the origin of the masks. It is a unique letter that brings the difference between the N95 and KN95.N95 is masks that are manufactured in the United States. China also manufactures similar products that serve the same purposes. To bring about a difference in identity, This Chinese product was branded to start with the letter K. Otherwise, the “N” in the name KN95 stands for (Not resistant to oil). This means that the masks cannot resist any oil.

The value 95 in the name stands for the effectiveness and efficiency of the mask in filtering microbes and other dust particles. The KN95maks can filter almost 95% of the particles, which have a median diameter of 0.3mm. It can, therefore, protect you from getting infected even with the smallest bacteria and microbes that might affect your respiratory health.

How Useful Is The KN95 Mask?

• It can fit on your nose and mouth easily

• It has four layers which helps you get fresh and clean air

• You can decontaminate it and use it anytime

• It keeps you away from allergens, viruses, bacteria, dust and other air pollutants

• It is light in weight hence easy to use

• It is the best mask that you can use at this time of coronavirus especially when you visit the public places


KN95 masks can be used by people of all ages and all sexes with no exception or consideration of any demographic factor. It is the perfect way to prevent you from getting the coronavirus, which is the current epidemic across the globe. However, it is crucial to ensure that you get the product from legit sellers and suppliers because there are many scams in the market. Be careful not to buy a counterfeit product because it will compromise your health and the health of your loved ones.

what is kn95 mask protection level?

what is kn95 protection level

Imagine a life where your safety and health are hardly assured. In the face of the current coronavirus novel, this would be a signature to adversity. It is for this reason that you will need to utilize all the personal protective equipment at your disposal, including masks.

However, there has been a continuous shortage of N95 masks across the US. This aspect has prompted the authorities to import KN95 ones from China, a move that many have had concerns over. We could attribute these concerns to the inadequate information around.

It is in this light that we take a look at the protection level that the KN95 masks offer. Read with us!

Does the KN95 mask offer enough protection?

The KN95 prides itself on one of the best filter performance, which are critical in highlighting the protection level you enjoy in the long run. It comes with a filter performance of at least 95%. That implies that it is capable of keeping up to over 95% of 0.3 microns out of your way.

On top of that, this mask comes with an average leakage rate of below 8%. This figure suggests that the aerosol entering your mask is no more than 8%. Indeed, this is a relatively low figure. While at it, you will witness that its CO2 clearance requirement is way below 1%.

These aspects indicate just how enhanced the protection this mask will offer you. It is not only reliable but also worth your money.

Well, one thing people will always ask is whether 95% filter performance means that 5% will get to you. In most cases, to determine the filtration efficiency, experts test particular sizes of non-oily particles. This size is usually of those that have a high chance of penetrating. In this light, you will need to embrace additional measures to reduce exposure to pathogens.

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Usually, you will need to pay attention to how fitting the mask is. An appropriate and tight-fitting mask will reduce the instances of exposure by a significant percentage. While at it, ensure that you put it at the right time. It would be best for you to wear it at all times, as this will immensely reduce the chances in the long run.

Can kn95 mask protect against small particles?

Usually, the KN95 mask will come in handy in cushioning you against any particle that is 0.3 microns or even more prominent. The good news is that most of the pathogens are usually larger than this size. In this light, you will be confident of getting relatively satisfactory protection in the long run.

On top of that, it boasts of certification and approval from different regulatory bodies, including the FDA and CDC. This approval gives you the confidence in not only their safety but also reliability. As long as you get a genuine one, you will have nothing to worry about.

In conclusion, we can all agree that the protection level offered by the KN95 mask is remarkable. However, for better results, it will be prudent to ensure that you get a fitting and genuine one.

kn95 masks, what are they?

kn95 masks, what are they

Looking for a mask? You might have been hearing about different options out there today. There is the very popular N95 mask but there are also other options too like the KN95 mask. The KN95 mask is much more unknown but it is starting to be more popular now that the media is talking about it.

So what is the KN95 mask? This is a mask that is more known in areas like China because it is made according to Chinese standards. So is it safe to wear a mask that is the KN95? It depends on who you ask. But in general there are many healthcare professionals who have worn the KN95 mask, in China and elsewhere. There are also many people who use the N95 mask too, and which is better is going to depend on your own preferences. Not only that but there are also conflicting reports about how effective one might be over the other mask. When you are looking for a mask that is going to work well you should go with a popular one that is used by many health experts and that would be the N95 mask.

The N95 isn’t always available and the KN95 can be a good backup if you have nothing else. It might not be as effective, but others argue that the KN95 does just as good of a job when trying to block particles from your face. That both of these masks the N95 and KN95 can block about 90 percent of the particles or more when you are wearing the mask. But if you are looking for something to be a little extra to keep you safe, any mask will do. There are a variety of masks to find right now on the market everything from temporary surgical masks to painting masks and more. The N95 and KN95 are masks that are being used by doctors and others on the front line right now fighting the COVID-19 situation. That is why they are being named so often in the media.

But agencies like the CDC and FDA might warn against using the KN95 masks, especially some being made and shipped these days that could be crafted of lower quality. But that doesn’t mean that many other people will not be out there and looking to find a mask and it might be the KN95 mask. If you are looking for a mask for grandma or someone you know and that is all you can find then it might be better than nothing. No mask is going to offer 100 percent protection ever anyways. But if you can get even a little bit of protection then you should try and do that. This is where masks come in and why they are so popular right now. In China, even for those who are not aware they have the virus or who are healthy, they too are seen wearing masks all over the place. From going shopping to visiting friends etc, they have their mask on in all places when in public.

Now more people in the West and other areas are also putting their own masks on too. If you are looking for a mask to use then the KN95 will be just as good as the N95 in helping to cover your face. The KN95 mask looks just like the N95 mask and if you did not look closely then you might not be able to even tell the difference between the two masks. This is why many might opt for going for the KN95 mask if they cannot find the usual N95 option. No matter where you are if you need a mask and are only faced with either the N95 or the KN95 then both will do the job, but how effective it might be is going to rest on who you are asking because there are conflicting reports out there. If the KN95 were so terrible though we wouldn’t see so many people using it around the world as we do. There are low quality N95 masks too that have been made just the same. So keep an eye out for a mask that is new, high quality, and comfortable when wearing it.

are kn95 masks reusable?

are kn95 masks reusable

The KN95 is a popular mask that can be used right now if you are looking for something to help protect you and block particles the same way an N95 mask might. For many people looking for masks right now they are very hard to find. You might be hearing about the KN95 mask and wondering what is that? The KN95 mask is the Chinese standard and very popular in that region. But the N95 mask is more popular in the West. So what is the deal with both? Can you wash these masks and reuse them? That is what people have been doing so yes you can do that if you want to.

There are different ways to wash the masks with some methods being superior than other methods for washing. If you are looking to sterilize the mask and use it again then you should be using the best cleaning approach available. This might be something like vaporized hydrogen peroxide in order to get the cleaning done. Many healthcare professionals are currently cleaning masks and reusing them in this fashion. But as far as what is the best way and how effective the mask is after cleaning, it isn’t as clear.

There are already disagreements as to which mask might be superior. Some say that the KN95 mask is just as good as the N95 mask but others say you should choose the N95 mask if possible instead of the KN95 mask. It depends on who you are asking and where you might be asking people. That is because there are different standards for mask production depending on where you are. But you can still find mask manufacturers today who claim that they are very similar, it practically makes no difference which one you go with because they both do a good basic job. buy kn95 mask online here.

Can You Wash It?

If you are looking to wash the mask then take care to be gentle with it. Know that after you wash it that you might have decreased the efficiency that the mask can operate with, the protection that it can provide. It depends on how you have washed the mask. Tossing it in the washing machine might not be the best idea for it if you are looking to use it again and again. Also, the more times that it gets cleaned it might further weaken the mask and make it less effective. When you want the most protection then you should try and go with a brand new mask if you can find one out there in the market today. There are many options but the KN95 and N95 are the most popular ones to go with. Take care in finding the best mask to use and that way you can be sure to have the best chance at protection. Though there are many masks to choose from some with much more material than others.

If you want to wash your N95 mask or the KN95 mask then you can do that but you should use something very effective such as the vaporized hydrogen peroxide cleaning approach. This is going to be the very best way that you can go about getting off any bacteria or virus particles so that you can be sure it is clean and ready to use again for the next day or the next shift. There are many issues with finding masks today and some people might only be able to find one or the other. There are health organizations in the West which have cautioned against using the KN95 mask if you have that one and are using it right now, but for some it is their only option. So when you are using one of these masks and want to clean it and are not sure about if you can the answer is that yes you can clean your KN95 mask but you should know how. Use a superior cleaning method to be sure you have gotten rid of anything on the mask. Get the best cleaning procedure available so that you do not have to worry about degrading the quality of the mask too much with the cleaning you do.

are kn95 masks effective?

are kn95 masks effective

Kn95 is a filtering respirator mask, and it is manufactured and branded by the Chinese companies in China. The kn95 standards are similar to N95 and FFP2. This respirator face mask seizes 95% of small molecules, and scientifically, states that the particles should have a 0.3 micro. This is to say that kn95 masks are estimated to seize 95% of 0.3 tiny particles. This mask is of high- end quality material that is tender, comfortable, and safe. The cover material has three layers, and the hydrophilic inner layer absorbs any watery drop-let from inside.
In contrast, the middle layer material has filtering abilities, and the outer layer is a hydrophobic material that repels any water drop-let from outside—thus making it a three-ply mask. Many users of this respirator face mask do ask a fundamental question; are kn95 mask effective? These questions can be answered using the following review that distinguishes this mask from other types.A KN95 respirator mask is certified to offer protection against viral particles. During manufacturing, the manufacturer ensures that; it fits all trials that are conducted using a genuine human and its linkage ability less than 8%.
• The mask also undergoes a filtration test that shows its ability to capture salts molecules. The standard flow rate should be 85L/min.
• This mask is not surgical; thus, they are non-sterile. But have a protective ability to protect the wearer from breathing large and small drop-lets hence making the wearer safe.
• Kn95 face mask cannot protect one from dangerous fumes; hence it cannot be used to protect the mask wearer from toxic gases and inhaling hazardous airborne pollutants that why it not recommended for search tasks.
• For individuals who work in fire fighting industries or work underwater environments, this mask is not the best for use.
• Children cannot use a kn95 mask, and it’s only useful for adults. This because the KN95 respirator masks, available in the market, can cause a child to struggle when breathing, thus worsening the pre-existing condition in their respiratory organ.
• These mask designs vary and thus lack brand consistency, and this is because different batches come with different designs.
• Kn95 respirator mask has elastic straps that make it fit and cover the user’s nose and mouth thoroughly—thus protecting the user from breathing or inhaling air directly.
• This mask also allows the user to breathe well despite them manufactured with several protection layers.


Kn95 facemask, with its ability to protect the individual 95%, Is one of the best face masks that can control respiratory disease spread like COVID-19, protect asthmatic conditions, and other human diseases that can be airborne. When well fitted in the face, it straps keeps it intact and does not allow any airflow from the side. This respirator face mask protects individuals from airborne disease-causing organisms like viruses, smoke, and other small particles like dust. At such a time, when the world is facing the COVID-19 virus, the Kn95 respirator can offer a solution in helping humanity from the spread of the virus.