Why Is It Called KN95 Mask?

Masks are essential in our lives, especially at this time when we are fighting the ravaging diseases coronavirus. Excellent masks prevent you from getting infected by bacteria and other microbes that you come in contact with in your daily lives. One of the most effective masks that are recommended for use by health professionals across the world is the KN95 mask. Today this mask is used by many people across the globe to help them prevent getting infected by the coronavirus. Let’s have a look at what type of mask is this.

What is a KN95 mask?

A KN95 mask is a special mask that was originally designed to be used by health professionals while working in the hospital or any other facility. This is because while at their places of job, the health workers tend to attend to various patients who have various conditions. The masks are designed to protect them from getting infections caused by viruses and bacteria that are present in the wards that the health workers visit. The mask is manufactured to help you prevent microbes from without compromising your breathing.

Why is it named KN95?

The “K’’ is a letter that signifies the origin of the masks. It is a unique letter that brings the difference between the N95 and KN95.N95 is masks that are manufactured in the United States. China also manufactures similar products that serve the same purposes. To bring about a difference in identity, This Chinese product was branded to start with the letter K. Otherwise, the “N” in the name KN95 stands for (Not resistant to oil). This means that the masks cannot resist any oil.

The value 95 in the name stands for the effectiveness and efficiency of the mask in filtering microbes and other dust particles. The KN95maks can filter almost 95% of the particles, which have a median diameter of 0.3mm. It can, therefore, protect you from getting infected even with the smallest bacteria and microbes that might affect your respiratory health.

How Useful Is The KN95 Mask?

• It can fit on your nose and mouth easily

• It has four layers which helps you get fresh and clean air

• You can decontaminate it and use it anytime

• It keeps you away from allergens, viruses, bacteria, dust and other air pollutants

• It is light in weight hence easy to use

• It is the best mask that you can use at this time of coronavirus especially when you visit the public places


KN95 masks can be used by people of all ages and all sexes with no exception or consideration of any demographic factor. It is the perfect way to prevent you from getting the coronavirus, which is the current epidemic across the globe. However, it is crucial to ensure that you get the product from legit sellers and suppliers because there are many scams in the market. Be careful not to buy a counterfeit product because it will compromise your health and the health of your loved ones.

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